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PPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge (A) - Available Now

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

PPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge (A) - Available Now

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Hi Reader,

We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest online aviation theory course, 'PPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge (A)' at Pilot Life Training! An essential course for those studying towards their Private Pilot Licence.

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This course has been over 12 months in the making. We believe it is the most comprehensive and relevant PPL Aircraft Tech course available in New Zealand. Designed to both teach you the fundamentals of aircraft technology, while ensuring you are fully prepared to pass your PPL Aircraft Tech external exam as part of your wider Private Pilot Licence studies.

What's Included in our PPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge (A) Course:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Explore all crucial topics necessary for mastering the NZCAA syllabus through 32 detailed online modules.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Enhance your learning experience with over 400 instant-feedback multiple-choice questions, carefully crafted to prepare you for your external exam.
  • Rich Media Content: Engage with over 260 pieces of multimedia content, including images, audio clips, and illustrations, all designed to enrich your understanding of the material.
  • Sample Exam: Test your knowledge with a detailed sample exam that focuses on key syllabus items, perfect for refining your study approach.
  • Live Mastery Chart: Monitor your progress in real-time with our unique mastery chart, which directly correlates with the NZCAA syllabus, offering you insight into your comprehension of each topic.
  • Course Progress Tracker: Keep track of your journey with our live progress chart, showing exactly how much of the course you've completed at any given time.

Available NOW in our All Access Platinum Subscription for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Enrol Today.

With our subscription-based access, you can dive right into this course now - along with ALL our available New Zealand PPL, CPL and ATPL courses - all of which comprehensively cover the entirety of the NZCAA syllabus.

Hope you all have a happy and safe week.

Kia kaha.

Mark and the team from Perspectives and Pilot Life Training

View our past emails on the web

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